02.03.2022 Science communication Seeing is understanding

Seeing is understanding - this is the motto of the exhibition "The World of Molecular Biology," which is being funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation with 480,000 euros. At the Imaging Center (IC) of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory EMBL in Heidelberg, a new visitor center is being built on several levels. On a total of 800 m², all interested visitors from the age of 12 will be able to discover the world of microbiology.

The focus will be on light and electron microscopy. Looking out of the window, visitors can marvel at cryo-electron microscopes and observe scientists at work. The exhibition is intended to convey to the general public how basic research in molecular biology helps society. School groups, students and scientists can also book laboratory tours and talk to EMBL researchers.

Science shapes our society. This makes it all the more important to open it up to people. The Embl combines exhibition and science in one place and thus makes life science research more accessible. We are happy to support this by funding „Seeing is understanding“.

The exhibition will open in late 2022.