CZS KV Fördertätigkeit

What we do

Since being set up in 1889, the Carl Zeiss Foundation has championed science and research. This makes it one of the oldest and biggest private science funding institutions in Germany.

Funding criteria

The Foundation statute provides the long-term legal framework for the Foundation’s funding activities. The funding is primarily aimed at universities and scientific institutions in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia. The Foundation provides funding for research and teaching in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Projects in the fields of economics and law can receive funding if they relate to STEM subject areas.

Funding activities

Since 2006, the Foundation’s funding has primarily been advertised for bidding in various funding programmes which have undergone continued expansion and development in recent years. Thanks to flexible funding programmes and streamlined structures, the Foundation offers universities and other research institutions as much freedom as possible to implement their ideas. It considers basic research and application-oriented science to be equally important. A high scientific standard is the most important selection criterion for all programmes. Funding decisions are made on the basis of scientific procedures with renowned peer reviewers.

Funding strategy

The new internal funding strategy established in 2020 provides for both multi-year topics and formats which are open in terms of topic. With its funding activities, the Carl Zeiss Foundation aims, in particular, to contribute to increasing the potential of cooperation between scientists, disciplines and universities as well as cooperation with actors outside the field of science.
The Carl Zeiss Foundation’s mission is to create
an open environment for scientific breakthroughs