CZS KV Selbstverständnis/Fördergrundsätze

Our funding strategy

Our mission

We provide funding for research and teaching in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As one of the major foundations in Germany, we continue our founder’s mission in a contemporary form. We provide funding via tenders, programmes and projects. Our work is focused on Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia.

Our goals

We facilitate scientific breakthroughs
... in basic and applied research
We strive to achieve scientific breakthroughs with added value for science, the economy and society. Our funding ranges from basic research to specific applications.
We create spaces
... for people and institutions
We place our trust in the creativity of individuals and the power of innovation of organisations for which we provide funding. We enable researchers to be courageous and willing to try new things by sharing the risk of failure. In this regard, we act quickly and flexibly.
We maximise our impact
... by focusing on key topic areas
Scientific findings advance society and the economy. In order to do this, we focus our funding on key topic areas which address current scientific challenges and are of economic or social relevance.
We create added value
... by supporting partnerships
We work at interfaces: between academic disciplines, scientific institutions, social sectors and countries. In this regard, we bring people together and provide funding for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research approaches.

How we see ourselves

We are

... independent

We develop our funding initiatives from our vision for our foundation and our goals.

... ambitious

As one of the major private scientific funding providers, high standards go without saying for our foundation and our work.

... transparent

Our funding activities are transparent and we consider the social, economic and environmental impact of our actions.