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Tasks and goals

The special feature of the Carl Zeiss Foundation is the combination of different foundation goals that must be fulfilled within and outside the foundation companies.

According to the statute, foundation goals are
  • the economic safety and continuation of the two foundation companies, taking into account the special social responsibility imposed on them
  • the promotion of general economic and charitable interests and provisions by the foundation companies
  • the funding of research and teaching, especially in the natural and engineering sciences, directly by the foundation
about the Foundation Statute

Foundation income
The Foundation finances its funding activities through dividends paid by the two Foundation companies. The dividend amount is dependent on the current equity ratio: the Foundation statutes provide for various payout ratios in specific ranges depending on the Group equity ratio. The decision about the actual amount of the distribution is made by the Foundation Board of Trustees under consideration of the two objectives of sustainable economic security for the foundation companies and effective promotion of the sciences.

Based on the first distribution of dividends to the foundation in financial year 2005/2006, the foundation began its funding activities after the foundation reform of 2004 in December 2006 with a programme for the promotion of young scientists.
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