2019: Intelligent materials

Intelligent materials are characterised by multifunctional properties, can be controlled by external influences or demonstrate complex adaptive behaviour through interactions at all size scales, from the molecule to the overall structure.

They therefore combine the best of two worlds, the world of biology and of technology, and are closely connected with pressing issues of our age in the fields of energy, mobility, the environment and health.
The objective of the funding is to accelerate the research into and development of intelligent materials on the one hand and, on the other hand, to promote the use and application of these materials in order to advance research breakthroughs.

The following focal points can be selected within the topic for 2019:

  • Basic research on intelligent materials themselves which crosses disciplinary boundaries and connects research in the fields of biology, chemistry, energy and materials science, physics and microsystems technology, as well as sustainability research;
  • Procedures and processes for manufacturing new intelligent tools and evaluating their application relevance, as well as
  • developing new application fields by solving specific challenges for intelligent materials.