Endowed professorships
in the field of computer science and its didactics

The Carl Zeiss Foundation is providing funds to establish five professorships in the field of computer science and its didactics in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. Over the next ten years, the endowed professorships are intended to support the higher education institutions with training teachers in the subject of computer science in the near term. Up to three million euro are being offered per professorship.

IT skills are becoming increasingly important

In the 21st century, computer science is one of the fundamental aspects of school education, just like Mathematics and German. This is because mastering and using information technology methods and tools is becoming an important key skill in an evolving society. It is not enough to promise schools Wi-Fi, a projector or tablets because the devices themselves are no guarantee of understanding or knowledge. Teachers need to play a key role in passing on these skills. However, there are currently not enough sufficiently qualified teachers, especially in the field of computer science.

Universities and higher education associations consisting of a university and teacher training college were therefore asked to submit concepts for setting up a endowed professorship in the field of computer science and its didactics in 2019.

In a competitive process, five concepts provided by the universities and a higher education association won over the reviewers.

The funding includes financing the professorship itself and making it attractive with additional employee roles and equipment and investment resources. The prerequisite for the funding was that the professorship takes into account the teaching of core content and processes in computer science and is set up on a permanent basis.
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