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German BioImaging - Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis

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The “German BioImaging - Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis” (GerBI-GMB) has been funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation for three years with 240,000 euros. Thus, the non-profit association, whose inaugural meeting took place in late April 2017 in Constance, was able to secure the initial funding round until it can be maintained through membership fees and donations. The funding, which began on 01 July 2018, essentially funds the position of the management, which organises the activities of the expert association such as conferences and training programmes for employees of the equipment centres. The Constance biochemist Dr Elisa May, chairman of the GerBI-GMB, considers it “a stroke of luck that we are supported by the prestigious Carl Zeiss Foundation, whose name signifies one of the great pioneers of optics and light microscopy”.

The Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis is the interest group for scientists, experts and core facilities that are active in Germany in the areas of microscopy and image data analysis within the life sciences. The not-for-profit association will also represent microscopy-related computer-aided image analysis. The association also promotes communication and exchange with the public on subjects of microscopy and image analysis.