19.10.2021 STEM-Funding & Knowledge Transfer Generating excitement about science: 70,000 euros for an initiative at the Albert Einstein Discovery Center

Even today, Albert Einstein’s scientific findings are still an important basis for scientific research and development. In order to illustrate this more clearly in Einstein’s birthplace, Ulm, the Carl Zeiss Foundation, as one of the ‘first 11’ main sponsors, is funding the construction of an experience centre based on the life and work of Albert Einstein with a grant of 70,000 euros. The money will mainly go towards the design and development of exhibits in the future exhibition building. ‘Scientific knowledge shapes many areas of our society – a circumstance that people are often not consciously aware of. Promoting and teaching the natural sciences, especially physics, is a key objective of the Carl Zeiss Foundation,’ says Dr Felix Streiter, CEO of the Carl Zeiss Foundation. You can find more here.