CZS Prisma

The programme provides fast, non-bureaucratic support for CZS endowed professors who are already receiving funding from us.


With CZS Prisma, we enable our endowed professors to raise funds quickly for short-term needs without wasting time on bureaucratic matters. Research and teaching as well as transfer and outreach activities are supported.

The funding amount is up to 75,000 euros per project. One application can be submitted per calendar year

The prerequisite is that the funded endowed professor has at least six months of funding remaining at the time of application.

Applications can be submitted by email to the Foundation until December 31, 2023 using an application form which can be completed digitally. 

Among others, the following are eligible:

  • Bridge funding for doctoral students / postdoctoral researchers who are already being funded from the Foundation’s budget for the endowed professorship and whose follow-up funding is secured (possible for a maximum of four months)
  • Invitation of guest researchers/fellows
  • Preliminary work for larger third-party funding applications
  • New, particularly risky or innovative research ideas
  • Implementation of innovative teaching concepts
  • Transfer activities
  • Outreach activities
  • Events closely related to science and research  

Selection procedure

Funding projects are selected by the Foundation’s office. In principle, a funding decision will be sent to the applicants within six weeks of receipt of the application.