CZS Breakthroughs: Resource Efficiency – Energy Systems of the Future

The ‘CZS Breakthroughs: Resource Efficiency – Energy Systems of the Future’ requirement specification focuses on application-oriented basic research on future issues for the energy revolution. Topics include energy efficiency, smart grids and storage technologies.

Detailed information:

Focus topic: Resource efficiency
Programme: CZS Breakthroughs
Target group: Professors
Funding budget: 5.000.000 €
Letter of intent deadline: 07.02.2022
Full proposal deadline: 11.03.2022


The ‘CZS Breakthroughs’ funding programme facilitates implementation of innovative and scientifically promising concepts in the field of resource efficiency at universities, which are expected to produce internationally competitive research results. 
The proposal focuses on application-oriented basic research on future issues related to the energy revolution. For example, these issues may relate to energy efficiency, smart grids or storage technologies. The research topics should contribute to securing the energy supply of the future and making it sustainable and efficient.

Making information usable for the economy and society

The projects must have at least one of the following characteristics:
Interdisciplinary nature: The central scientific objective of the project must be jointly addressed by at least two independent individual science fields using their respective methods.

Transdisciplinary nature: The project must include specific measures that address the needs and requirements of the economy and society and develop approaches to collectively solving the problems. The knowledge of acting stakeholders must be included in this process.

Transfer: With active involvement of collaboration partners, the intellectual and/or technological results of the project are transformed into applications. The willingness of the collaboration partner to participate in the project must be demonstrated in the form of an LOI.

What are the application requirement specifications?

  • The applying university must have an excellent organisational structure as well as proven national expertise in the respective field of research.
  • The project must align with the strategic orientation of the university.
  • The project must contribute to long-term strengthening of competencies in the area to be funded.
  • The university must contribute at least 10 per cent of the requested funding.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Baden-Württemberg: Freiburg, Heidelberg, KIT, Constance, Stuttgart, Ulm (max. one application per university)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: Kaiserslautern (max. two applications), Mainz (max. two applications), Koblenz-Landau (max. one application)
  • Thuringia: Ilmenau (max. two applications), Jena (max. two applications), Weimar (max. one application)

An applying university can submit a joint application with other scientific institutions (universities, colleges or non-university research institutions) from the three funding states. The applying university must take the lead in this undertaking.

Downloads (only available in German)


The funding period is six years. The earliest possible project start date is 1 February 2023 and must be completed by no later than 1 July 2023.

Administration Point

Matthias Stolzenburg

Program Manager, Legal Affairs

Phone: +49 (0)711 - 162213 - 13